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The Dual Diploma Program (3+0 Program)
The Language Training Program (2+1 program)

Toronto campus:

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Programs The Language Training Program (2+1 program)

The Language Training Program (2+1 program)

The 2+1 joint education program is based on the current China high school education reform program. It is in line with the basic principles where by joint credit courses are accepted by both the high school courses in China along with the Ontario high school courses. In the first two years, students will complete Chinese high school courses plus ESL courses (including IELTS training) and parts of the Canadian regular English courses. In the third year students will then study at the Great Lakes College of Toronto for the regular Ontario credit courses including the 6 pre-university courses that are required for entrance into Ontario universities. Once students meet the qualifications for an OSSD they can then apply for various Canadian or US universities of their choice. During their time at Great Lakes College students will receive support and help from the many professional staff members at the school to assist them in meeting the many different requirements of the program.