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Toronto campus:

Address 323 Keele Street,Toronto,Ontario Canada M6P 2K6
School Website:www.glctschool.com
CTC Website:www.ctc-school.com
Tel:416-763-4121  Fax:416-763-5225

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CTC – Accommodation & Staff Costs


At each campus, teachers are provided with individual apartments. Keep in mind the space is limited in China so the apartments are small compared to Canadian standards.

For three campuses (Jinhua, Nanjing & Shanghai) accommodation is in the school complex.

For the Quanzhou and Yuci campuses, accommodation is not on site but within walking distance to the school.

The apartments generally consist of the following:

·         one bedroom – the mattresses are very firm

·         sitting room – chair and sofa with a table and chairs for eating


·         kitchen – gas stove (no oven), fridge, microwave


·         bathroom – western style toilet, shower (with hot water) and sink

·         some basic kitchen supplies and bedding is also included.

Staff members are responsible to pay for all the utilities required for their apartments – gas, water, electricity. Internet service could be installed in the apartment if desired at an additional cost. (Internet connections are available in the school office free of charge.)

The cost of utilities in most places would average out to approximately range from $50 - $100 (Cdn) per month. Obviously it will vary according to the amount of the utilities one uses. Electricity is costly in China and at times during hot weather the city officials will impose “brown out” periods to conserve energy.

Utilities will be paid on a monthly basis with a month delay. This means in June there will be 2 month of charges having to be paid.

NOTE: The cost of living in China is still very cheap compared to Canada’s cost of  living. Most teachers save money during their tenure. The only other additional cost that teachers are responsible for are food and spending money.


CTC – Compensation Package



  • Salary:

A. Competitive salary range – available upon request

B. Teachers are required to pay Canadian taxes since they are working for a Canadian corporation. If teachers proclaim themselves non-residents no Canadian taxes are required. Consultation with an accountant regarding this option may be beneficial for some especially for those planning on staying two or more years.

  • Bonus paid at the end of the contract :

1st year  - $2,000; 

2nd year - $3,000

3rd year - $4,000

  • Air Travel – Return economy air ticket – for those teaching 2 semesters or 1-way economy air ticket for those teaching 1 semester.

  • Free furnished apartment either on campus or within walking distance to the school with western style toilet, shower & hot water. Kitchen (with gas range and fridge) is also included. Each CTC school office has internet access for teachers.


  • A maximum of $300.00 (Can.) will be allowed for teachers to purchase out-of-country travel/medical coverage.  Some minimal medical care is provided through the Chinese partner schools (Note:  Teachers must purchase out-of-country travel insurance to cover major illness, accident or death).

  • Visa document provided to enter China and work permit while in China

  • Over weight luggage assistance – maximum $300.


CTC - Vacation & Holidays

  • Since we are partnered with a Chinese high school we must follow their school timetable. This allows teacher to celebrate the same Chinese holidays and vacation periods as their colleagues. Christmas day and New Years day are also granted to staff/.

  • The following is the general time frame for holidays:

*      October – (2 - 3 days) – first week of October

*      Christmas – 1 day (if it falls during the teaching week)

*      New Years Day – 1 day

*      Spring Festival – Jan/Feb – about 3-4 weeks

*      May – The May holiday has now been broken up into 2 or 3 different long week-end holidays determined by the local Education Bureau.

*      Prior to holidays some week-end teaching may be required if the holiday time is extended.


The Chinese provincial governments that we work with have imposed an age restriction on foreign teachers coming to China to teach.

No teacher 60 years or older may be granted a work visa. Principals’ age limit is 65.

 CTC – Documents


I.  The following is a list of documents that are required in order for teachers to be     hired by The Great Lakes College of Toronto for its schools in China. These documents are also required in order for teachers to be granted a working visa in China.

  1. Copy of all degrees and diplomas
  2. Copy of Ontario Teaching Certificate
  3. Copy of the identification page of current passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from entry date
  4. Completion of Chinese Medical Form by family physician in Canada
  5. Original copy of a current police reference check
  6. Completed visa application form (available through this office)
  7. Proof of out-of-country medical insurance. The insurance policy must indicate that the client is covered during their time in China. A copy of the insurance policy is required
  8. Completion of beneficiary form
  9.  Banking Form – including a void cheque indicating bank address, account number and bank transit number

II. Prior to sending the required documents to our partners in China the following items must be completed:

  1. Checking of References – 3 references are required.
  2. Signed contract of employment by both parties.

III. The final step in the process occurs when our Chinese partners send us the Chinese document for a work visa. We then take these documents along with the teacher’s documentation and obtain a visa for entry into China. The following is required at this time:

  1. Current passport
  2. 2 current passport photographs
  3. Signed visa application form

NOTE: It takes 4 to 6 weeks for the documents to be sent to China and processed for a Chinese work visa. It is very important that all documents are handed in as quickly as possible but no later than June 30.