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Toronto campus:

Address 323 Keele Street,Toronto,Ontario Canada M6P 2K6
School Website:www.glctschool.com
CTC Website:www.ctc-school.com
Tel:416-763-4121  Fax:416-763-5225

Campus CTC Mingyuan


Shanghai Mingyuan Bilingual High School is a full boarding school offering a three-year high school diploma courses by using International curriculum with English and Chinese languages, and international education resources of US China Cultural & Educational Foundation as well. Mingyuan school is administered by Mr. Xie Yingping, supervisor, super principal, former Fudan Fuzhong Principal, and Dr. Cui Zhitao, senior education management expert as a principal. With elegant and beautiful school environment, we are running two international curriculum of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and Ontario Secondary School Diploma of Canada. We enjoy great autonomy in student recruitment and Mingyuan recruits junior middle school graduates all over China. http://www.mingyuanschool.com