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Student Perspective

Toronto campus:

Address 323 Keele Street,Toronto,Ontario Canada M6P 2K6
School Website:www.glctschool.com
CTC Website:www.ctc-school.com
Tel:416-763-4121  Fax:416-763-5225

Achievement Student Perspective
I’ve been in CTC for a term, and I’ve learnt a lot, not only in gaining knowledge but also in acquiring skills for living.

First of all, I would like to introduce one of our teamwork projects. We needed to write a story as a group of four. It seems more complex than it was-I mean, four people have to do the homework together. We were a group but we weren’t one in spirit. Each of us had different thinking, different work styles and different work habits. Yet we need to put it together. I found this far more difficult than working alone. I tried to work in unity with others, but it took us hours to put into words the ideas in our minds, let alone organizing the words and adding pictures for decoration. So, the first value I learned after joining CTC is cooperation and respecting others.

Secondly, I have taken part in the CTC Food Festival and Halloween Party. In fact, CTC is like a stage which offers me many chances to train and show my various abilities. There is also a special community activity for students of CTC. We are required to do voluntary services for at least 20 hours before graduation. This helps me to be more aware of contributing back to society and to develop social responsibility. So, the second thing I learned after coming to CTC is how to get along well with others, to be more caring and good citizenship.

Third, CTC never decides your ability by an axam alone. 70% of our grades are from homework projects and rate of attendance over the term. The final exam only takes up 30% of grade. So the third thing I have learned from CTC is success needs consistent hard work and accumulating knowledge over a long period to time.

CTC is one of many cobblestones that pave our way into a more and more globalized society. If you like, you can join us in CTC next year to better develop your abilities to achieve a more colorful student life.